An adventure of colour and time in the beartooths (kinda)

In late September I was driving around, exploring the road in between Absorke and Red Lodge, when I took a detour to the edge of the beartooth mountains sort of by Luther. (Side note I giggled a bit driving though Luther because A, it’s one of my random nicknames, and B, it reminded me of Luther Hages a character form The Ghost and Mister Chicken.) Anyway, I decided to stop at this little mountain trail that had previously extreme horse traffic on it by the amount of bae. Took some photo’s focusing on colour and trying to get a silky water effect using a rock to stabilize my camera.

red and green silky bearthooth water smooth mountian

It started to get cold so I stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Red Lodge that was really classy. Box wine and a cowboy with a handle bar mustache wearing tevas classy. The quesadilla was ok, not the best in the world but pretty good.


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